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2012 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament Schedule: Des Moines & Fresno Brackets Square Off For Elite Eight Berths


The Sweet Sixteen is upon us! There are four games on tap today with the victors getting the spoils of a spot in the Elite Eight. Here's who you can watch (in their entirety on the ESPN family of networks - finally!). All times eastern:

Des Moines Region:

(11) Kansas vs. (2) Tennessee - 12:04 p.m. -on ESPN/ESPN3

(4) Georgia Tech vs. (1) Baylor - 2:00 p.m. -on ESPN/ESPN3

Fresno Region:

(3) St. John's vs. (2) Duke - 9:04 p.m. -on ESPN/ESPN3

(12) South Carolina vs. (1) Stanford - 11:32 p.m. -on ESPN2/ESPN3

*The region names are linked to Nate's Sweet Sixteen predictions & each team is linked to their Dance Card from Queenie.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and observations on the action throughout the day with the Swish Appeal community in the comments section below!

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