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Morning Links: Catching Up On Reactions To Women's Basketball Coaching Changes Around SB Nation

SB Nation blogs have been following the comings and goings of women's basketball coaches around the nation for a couple of weeks now, even though we haven't necessarily kept up.

However, with Gail Goestenkors resigning from Texas yesterday - as Jessica Lantz has already written about - we figured now was as good a time as any to play catch up.

  • AJ Black of BC Interruption explores the Boston Globe's lack of coverage of former head coach Sylvia Crawley's recent resignation, particularly wondering why the area's major newspaper elected not to run more than the three line AP article about the resignation rather than sending its own beat writer. Read more >>>
  • Brian Favat of BC Interruption wrote the initial piece on Crawley's resignation, which drew a skeptical reaction from the community despite what was described as a "particularly dreadful season". Read more >>>
  • Matt Sussman of Hustle Belt examined the firing of Kent State coach Bob Lindsay, who was dismissed after only his third sub-.500 season in 20 years of service. Despite having the most wins in MAC history, he hasn't made the NCAA tournament since 2002, which is coincidentally the first year for coach Curt Miller at Bowling Green. Read more >>>
  • Sussman also looked at the firing of Western Michigan coach Tasha McDowell, which might not have been quite as surprising: McDowell had never put together more than a 2-game winning streak in her four years at the helm at Western, according to the Kalamazoo Gazette. Read more >>>
  • Justin R. Sutton of For Whom The Cowbell Tolls took a brief look at the Vic Schaefer's background as Mississippi State was set to announce he would take over for previous coach Sharon Fanning-Otis, who resigned after 17 years. Read more >>>
  • I Am The 12th Man is thrilled that Texas A&M alum ('84) Vic Schaefer will get his chance as a head coach after spending 15 years as Gary Blair's assistant at both TAMU and Arkansas. Beergut also also hopes Schaefer will return to coach his alma mater after Blair resigns. Read more >>>
  • Sutton added that Schaefer is one of three former assistant coaches hired by Mississippi State as head coaches, which might provide some insight into how they approach the hiring process for their men's basketball team. Read more >>>
  • T Kyle King of Dawg Sports took an interesting look at whether the stock of coaches across the Georgia athletic department is rising, falling or holding steady. He suggested then that UGA would have to start thinking about an exit plan for Andy Landers if they didn't make the Sweet 16. Then they lost to Marist. Read more >>>

Obviously, these are just the links from our fellow SBN bloggers. Feel free to drop links for any other notable coaching hirings/firings in the comments.