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2012 SEC Women's Basketball Tournament: Recap From Round 1; Schedule For Day 2

The most significant win of the first day of the 2012 SEC Tournament was probably the Florida Gators' 70-60 win over the Auburn Tigers.

As already discussed in the comments elsewhere, a loss might have hurt their chances for making the 2012 NCAA Tournament while a win could help them keep pace as conference tournament season stands out. But the Auburn Tigers defense unable to stop them, as described by Greg Alan Edwards of SB Nation's A Sea of Blue.

Florida features a balanced attack and simply just played hard the whole game against Auburn. They don't make a lot of mistakes unless they are pressed, and Auburn cannot press. Blanche Alverson amounted to about 40% of the Auburn offense, and you cannot win in the SEC at Tournament time with that kind of an attack, not unless you play some intense defense.

With the win, Florida advances to take on the top-seeded Kentucky Wildcats at 1 p.m. EDT in the second round of the tournament.

Everything else pretty much held to for and Edwards has brief summaries of each game. WBB State has complete box scores with the statistics for each game at its SEC Conference Tournament page.

The schedule for Round 2 (all times Central on FSN):

  • Noon: Florida vs Kentucky
  • 3:30: Vanderbilt vs Tennessee
  • 7:30: Arkansas vs. LSU
  • 10:00: South Carolina vs Georgia

For the full 2012 SEC Tournament bracket, click here.