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Morning Links: SB Nation's Reactions To Round One Of The 2012 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament

The first weekend of the 2012 NCAA women's basketball tournament didn't feature a whole lot of upsets, but did feature a number of competitive games.

SB Nation's network of college blogs had reactions to both the NCAA and WNIT games from the weekend.

  • norcalnick of California Golden Blogs summed up Cal's 84-74 win over Iowa by saying that Cal advanced due to "pure athleticism". While he focused on the things we might not have expected from a Cal win, the most significant statistic was familiar: Cal outrebounded Iowa 38-22. Read more >>>
  • AndyPanda of Building the Dam summarized the men's and women's (Cal vs Iowa, Washington's 52-39 win over Utah) Pac-12 action on Sunday while also sticking up for the conference in looking ahead to Cal's next game against Notre Dame: "It's ridiculous that Notre Dame as a #1 regional seed gets to play at home, while Stanford, also a regional #1 seed, has to play in Virginia. Either all top seeds should get to host the first 2 rounds, or none of them should." Read more >>>
  • Gamecock Man of Garnett And Black Attack noted that South Carolina matches up well with Purdue prior to the tournament, but also laments a considerable disadvantage: "The bad news in this game is that it will be played on Purdue's home court...Why can't we ever have these things in Columbia, again? Oh, right." (Answer in the comments) Read more >>>

Click here for updated brackets for the Des Moines and Fresno regions and here for the Kingston and Raleigh region brackets. For more on the 2012 NCAA women's basketball, visit our "NCAA Tournament 2012" section.