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Dance Card: Oklahoma, Big XII

In case you are wondering, and I know you are, after card #64, I feel rather like the end of this video.

Who? The Sooners of Oklahoma.

What? I have never understood why Oklahoma glamorizes the people who jumped the gun when Oklahoma was opened up to white settlement. But Boomer and Sooner and the Sooner Schooner are pretty awesome symbols.

Where? Norman, Oklahoma, because it was easier than trying to move the state capital.

When? March 18th, in Norman, Oklahoma.

How? They were an at-large selection.

Surprise? Good RPI, great SOS, good record- not a surprise.

RPI: 27

SOS: 8

Record: 20-12 (11-7 Big XII)

Good wins:

Bad losses: At Fresno State, or maybe Kansas.

Who's running this show? Sherri Coale, since 1996, a renowned high school coach before Oklahoma.

Extra, Extra! The Tulsa World and The Oklahoman. I know, two papers with solid women's basketball coverage.

With lots of credit to Rebkellian bridgehere, who broke Oklahoma down here.

Program note: credit to Oklahoma for including weights on their roster page. Gives me a better mental image of players and relative sizes.

Sophomore Aaryn Ellenberg has picked up where she left off her freshman year, averaging 15.4 points per game. Junior Whitney Hand and sophomore Morgan Hook split point guard duties, each averaging over three assists per game. Hand also pulls down a team-high 7.0 rebounds per game, and has improved her all-around game so that she's no longer just a threat from beyond the arc. The Sooners get strong post play from junior Joanna McFarland (of the Big XII's McFarlands; she's the third McFarland sister to play in the conference) and sophomore Nicole Griffin. The number that intrigues me is 162- the team high free throw attempts, by freshman guard Sharane Campbell.

No one knows which Oklahoma team is going to show up on any given night... even with a home crowd behind them.