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Dance Card: Georgia, SEC

Who? The Bulldogs of Georgia.

What? They derive their name from the Bulldogs of Yale. Uga is the live mascot; Hairy Dawg is the one in the costume.

Where? Athens, Georgia. Athens does seem like a logical name for a college town.

When? March 18th, in Tallahassee, Florida.

How? They were an at-large selection.

Partner: Marist, of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference.

Surprise? No. Never. Sometimes they may be seeded oddly, but Georgia in the tournament happens a lot.

RPI: 25

SOS: 29

Record: 22-8 (11-5 SEC)

Good wins: at South Carolina

Bad losses: at Florida?

Who's running this show? Andy Landers, since 1979, and he's shaped the administration at Georgia.

Extra, Extra! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

With help from Rebkellian ladydawgs96, who gave an excellent breakdown.

Junior forward Jasmine Hassell leads the team in scoring with 13.2 per game, but the load is fairly evenly shared among the five starters. Junior Anne Marie Armstrong is the team's primary post presence, pulling down 6.3 rebounds and adding 11.6 points. The ballhandling is not great, and they have some height issues; there isn't a lot of height in their pod, so that's not going to be as much of a problem as it could be, but Marist will pick at their passes. They have a solid starting lineup, one that's played well together... but I'm not sure how much depth they have, and that could hurt them in a subregional full of underestimated teams.