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Alysha Clark's Journal: Excited About Seattle Storm Training Camp & Middle Tennessee In The NCAA Tournament

Alysha Clark checks in with another journal, this time discussing her excitement about getting an invite to the Seattle Storm's training camp and Middle Tennessee making the NCAA tournament again.

Hey y'all! If you haven't heard yet, this summer I'll be going to Seattle for Storm training camp! I am SO excited!!!

One, I'm excited to get another chance with the WNBA. Second I'm excited to be going to Seattle! I've never been there before so it'll be fun to see another city! It'll also give me an opportunity to see my family that lives there :-) The tradition and reputation the Storm have is one of the best in the league. The Storm Crazies have already been welcoming me to Seattle on Twitter! I am so honored and humbled for this new beginning:-)

I'm also excited for my Lady Raiders!! They got an at large bid to the NCAA tournament as a 10 seed. I'm so proud of them because they've overcome some obstacles and a lot of doubters. Now, they have the draw we wished we could have had when I was there: to be playing Vandy IN Nashville on a Sunday! That crowd is going to be amazing and the game is going to be just as good! And in the end, hopefully us walking away with a win:-)

Good luck to the Lady Raiders family: @imjust_Mi @KORTNI_hope @eb_rowrowrow @LaMonica_14 @lala_cherelle @bAbYkEE42 @Nece_5 @LadyV_34 @mollymcfadden44 @THEE_nayNAY @ice_baby13 @lakenleonard!!!

Until next time,

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