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Dance Card: Iowa State, Big XII

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Who? The Cyclones of Iowa State.

What? Cyclones are a danger across the Midwest. Cy's been around since the '50s; this cardinal is derived from the school colors.

Where? Ames, Iowa, namesake of a strain of anthrax.

When? March 17th, in Ames, Iowa.

How? They were an at-large selection.

Partner: UW-Green Bay, of the Horizon League.

Surprise? Well, if they're letting in all the rest of the Big XII teams with .500 or so conference records...

RPI: 48

SOS: 21

Record: 18-12 (9-9 Big XII)

Good wins: Iowa?

Bad losses: At Texas Tech.

Who's running this show? Bill Fennelly, since xxxx. Coaching is a family business.

Extra, Extra! The Des Moines Register.

Four players for Iowa State have taken at least 100 threes this season, but their leading scorer, junior forward Chelsea Poppens, is not one of them; her 14.3 points come closer to the basket. She also averages a team-high 10.7 rebounds, over a quarter of the team's total. Junior Hallie Christofferson and freshman Nikki Moody also put in double digits, going from deep early and often. But everyone on Iowa State (except maybe Poppens) is expected to shoot the three, even 6-7 Anna Prins.