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Dance Card: Kansas, Big XII

Who? The Jayhawks of Kansas.

What? The jayhawk is a cross between a blue jay and a sparrow hawk. Big Jay and Baby Jay are regulars, but keep your eyes peeled for the rare Centennial Jay.

Where? Lawrence, Kansas, where a rather important gentleman is buried.

When? March 18th, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

How? They were an at-large selection.

Partner: Nebraska, from the Big Ten conference... but formerly of the Big XII. Fireworks are expected.

Surprise? Quite. A lot of people were scratching their heads at that one, especially after the injury to Carolyn Davis. The Big XII's strength buoyed their SOS.

RPI: 53

SOS: 20

Record: 19-12 (8-10 Big XII)

Good wins: At Oklahoma. Iowa State's pretty nice, too.

Bad losses: At Alabama.

Who's running this show? Bonnie Hendrickson, since 2004; she was at Virginia Tech before.

Extra, Extra! The Lawrence Journal-World.

The 16.9 points on close to 60% shooting of junior forward Carolyn Davis will be sorely missed- Kansas would have been more of a sure thing with her still active. Junior point guard Angel Goodrich has taken the burden on her somewhat undersized shoulders, putting in 13.1 points and somehow finding time to dish over seven assists (at a 2.2/1 A/TO). She's gotten a lot of help from senior post Aishah Sutherland, whose 13.9 points and 9.0 rebounds lead the team's active players. Bonnie Hendrickson has had to improvise, with eight of her active players seeing at least ten minutes on the floor; somehow, she's made it work.