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Dance Card: Texas, Big XII

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Who? The Longhorns of Texas. I have heard the Lady appendage used, but not all the time.

What? Bevo is a Texas longhorn steer, the official large animal of Texas. (States have strange official things.) Hook 'em is his costumed counterpart, because there are many places where a full-grown steer is impractical.

Where? Austin, Texas. Keep Austin Weird!

When? March 17th, in Norfolk, Virginia.

How? They were an at-large selection.

Partner: West Virginia, of the Big East.

Surprise? The Longhorns' inclusion surprised a lot of people because of their record, but strength of schedule is probably what got them in.

RPI: 56

SOS: 18

Record: 18-13 (8-10 Big XII)

Good wins: Swept Texas A&M.

Bad losses: Swept by both Kansas and Kansas State (not as bad as one would think in retrospect).

Who's running this show? Gail Goestenkors, since 2007. She started as a grad assistant at Iowa State, so maybe this Big XII move wasn't as odd as it seemed.

Extra, Extra! The American-Statesman.

Streaky sophomore guard Chassidy Fussell leads this team in scoring with 16.5 points per game, but relies more on the three-pointer than any of her teammates, making her vulnerable to bad shooting days. They distribute the ball fairly well, thanks to Ashleigh Fontanette and Yvonne Anderson averaging a combined nine assists per game. Getting out of the first round is going to depend on whether Ashley Gayle and Cokie Reed can bang with the physical play of West Virginia.