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Dance Card: Georgia Tech, ACC

Who? The Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech.

What? They're not named for the insect, though Buzz has become a secondary logo- instead, they're named for their colors. Oh, and their other mascot.

Where? Atlanta, Georgia, a city with a lot of trees.

When? March 18th, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

How? They were an at-large selection.

Partner: Sacred Heart, out of the Northeast Conference.

Surprise? I'm not surprised.

RPI: 14

SOS: 23

Record: 24-8 (12-4 ACC)

Good wins: Nothing glorious sticks out- at Middle Tennessee State, maybe, just because Murfreesboro is a tough place to play.

Bad losses: Nothing inglorious sticks out- 0-2 in the San Juan Shootout isn't pretty, but to two tournament teams.

Who's running this show? MaChelle Joseph, since 2003. What's the proper way for a Boilermaker working at Georgia Tech to handle her whiskey? With beer or clear?

Extra, Extra! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, though you might have better luck with our own Petrel.

If you like defense and love watching a team force turnovers, then you're going to enjoy watching Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets force almost 21 turnovers a game from their opponents (though they also commit 17 a game- Georgia Tech games tend to be a bit disjointed, to put it mildly). Sophomore guard Tyaunna Marshall leads them in scoring with 15.3 points per game, and is second in rebounding with 6.4. Senior center Sasha Goodlett does a little bit of everything- averaging 14.8 points on 52.7% shooting and pulling down 7.5 rebounds, she gets at least one of all the major numbers each game.