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Dance Card: Georgetown, Big East

Who? The Hoyas of Georgetown.

What? Literally. Hoya is a transliteration of the Green for "what" or "such" or maybe "great". It's unlikely you'll hear the "Hoya Saxa!" chant, but it means "what rocks". Jack is a hard-working guy in a suit, or a surprisingly adorable English bulldog.

Where? Washington, DC, where your tax dollars are at work!

When? March 18th, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

How? They were an at-large selection.

Partner: Fresno State, of the Western Athletic Conference.

Surprise? Despite their last performance, this isn't actually a surprise- Georgetown finished fourth in the Big East and ranked in the top 25.

RPI: 28

SOS: 37

Record: 22-8 (11-5 Big East)

Good wins: Georgia in Las Vegas.

Bad losses: West Virginia in Hartford is not a bad team to lose to, but that game, that horrifying game, is a bad, bad loss. I'm still waiting for my Morton's gift card and bottle of wine.

Who's running this show? Terri Williams-Flornoy, since 2004; she paired up with current Albany coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson at the school now known as Missouri State.

The star of the show is junior guard Sugar Rodgers, with 18.9 points and 5.5 rebounds per game. Stat heads probably have fits looking at her percentages and the more complex statistics that arise from those, though; Rodgers can shoot, and she can score, but it takes a lot of the former to do the latter. Above-average defense allays that slightly, but letting her take bad shots isn't the worst plan in the world. She's surrounded by an experienced senior cast; I'm especially fond of bitty point guard Rubylee Wright.