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Jeremy Lin's Success Fuels Former USC Women's Basketball Player Jamie Hagiya's WNBA Dream

Jamilah King of ColorLines wrote an article about The Asian American Basketball Leagues That Helped Create Linsanity that mentioned a connection to the WNBA aspirations of fellow California native and former Southern California women's basketball player Jamie Hagiya.

A 26-year-old Japanese American basketball player from Southern California, Hagiya played four years at point guard for the University of Southern California’s women’s basketball team. She finished her career ranking in the top 10 in school history for assists (417), 3-point field goals (132) and games played (120). After graduating in 2007, Hagiya played professionally in Greece and Spain before coming back to the United States. These days, she spends her time running basketball clinics and training for a shot to play in the WNBA...As Higiya gears up to make her run at the WNBA, the history of Asian American basketball and the current fixation on Jeremy Lin are helpful motivators.

Of course, this story might be familiar to some women's basketball fans, although Lin provides a different angle: Mikey Hirano Culross of Rafu Shimpo in Los Angeles wrote an article about Hagiya's intent to attend the Sparks' open tryout this year last August in advance of a clinic she ran at Staples Center before a Seattle Storm game.

Women's basketball aside, King's entire story is interesting to read as insight into the history of a thriving Asian American basketball culture that is rarely recognized in the mainstream due to a paucity of Asian American basketball players at both the college and professional levels in the U.S.

For more about Hagiya, check out her website: Jamie Hagiya Basketball.