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Women's Basketball TV Schedule & A Game To Watch: USC-UCLA at Noon PST on FSN

Somehow I had never noticed Women's Basketball Online's Women's Basketball TV schedule.

Somehow I found it the other day.

As the season comes to a close with plenty of teams fighting for tournament bids, this is an invaluable resource. Now you have it (and you can find it on the left sidebar of the home page of our blog under "NCAA WBB Resources").

And that makes this a perfect time to highlight a Pac-12 game that's worth your attention today: the USC Women of Troy taking on the crosstown rival UCLA Bruins.

Game to watch: USC vs UCLA at Noon PST on FSN

Once again, USC is a bubble team according to Charlie Creme's latest Bracketology. And perhaps moreso than the last two years - years that they felt they should have made it to the Big Dance - that bubble is really thin.

Right now, USC has a RPI of 34 and a Sagarin rating of 48 (also available in the "NCAA WBB Resources" sidebar).

Another cool resource at this time of year is Women's Basketball State's NCAA selection sheets and what it shows for USC right now is that they don't have a lot of high quality wins (top 50 RPI) but a couple of relatively recent low RPI losses to Colorado and Utah, something that you'll notice was absent from last year's resume.

Although UCLA is a top 50 RPI team, a loss today would hurt USC's chances to finally get that bid in the Michael Cooper era.

For the full schedule of televised women's college basketball games, check out the list at Women's Basketball Online. For for a full scoreboard and statistical previews for the day, check out WBB State.