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Delaware-Hofstra: Early going

Hempstead, NY - Interesting Colonial AA matchup feature tenth ranked Delaware (13-0 in conference) facing Hofstra at 8-3. Host team is pushing the pace averaging 80 possessions pre-game. Their offensive efficiency is 97 while the defense checks in at 90, a healthy +7 margin.

Delaware is a little slower at 67 possessions. Their efficiency margin of +27 fits a top ten team. Delaware is 107 offensively, 80 on the defensive end.

First four minutes of the game saw Hofstra, to little surprise, pushing the pace.

Score: 11-6 Hofstra

Possessions: 7


Hofstra 157

Delaware 86

Delaware standout Elena Delle Donne, came into the game averaging 27.2 points per game, in CAA acxtion. Her Manley/NBA efficiency is an off the charts 33 per game, 1.023 per minute. Early on Delle Donna is not forcing the issue. In the first four minutes she had one touch, resulting in a missed field goal attempt which she rebounded and promptly converted.

Should continue to be a battle of Hofstra transition and three point shooting against Delaware's rebounding and half court sets.