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Williams hired as Dream head coach, drops "interim" title

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The Atlanta Dream hire Fred Williams as their head coach and general manager, moving Williams out of the "interim" category.

According to a press release from the Atlanta Dream, Fred Williams will be the Dream's head coach and general manager for the 2013 season.

"The Dream finished strong last year under Coach Williams, and we're confident he is the person to give the team an even brighter future in 2013," Dream CEO Ashley Preisinger said in the team's press release. "Dream games are an exciting, affordable place for socializing, family fun and business networking, and the heart of it all is watching elite basketball. That starts with the coach."

Fred Williams took over the Dream on August 28, 2012 after previous head coach Marynell Meadors was fired. Williams had been an assistant coach with the Dream and was named as the Dream's interim coach/GM but with the announcement today, Williams assumes full control of the Dream's on-court destiny.

The hiring of Williams brings benefits to the Dream:

1) It removes any speculation that the Dream would hire some other coach, for example recently fired Connecticut head coach Mike Thibault.

2) No other Eastern Conference team (like Connecticut or Washington) can snap him up either as a head coach or an assistant.

3) It provides continuity for the Dream, as there will be no wholesale replacement of coaching staff. He's been on the Dream's staff since its very first season and provides the same sort of continuity that Marynell Meadors provided.

4) Williams appears to have a good relationship with his players, who call him "Coach Fred". Knowing that a familiar face is head coach will be important when it comes time to resign any players to contracts.

5) He already has WNBA coaching experience, including head coaching experience with Utah from 1999-2001. He also has the college coaching background (Southern California).

As is in many cases, the best hire turns out to be someone inside the organization. From this moment on, the Dream is Coach Fred's team. Dream observers hope that 2013 will be Coach Fred's WNBA Championship team.