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Diggins, Gray and Sims headline the "Making the Buzz" list for the 2013 Nancy Lieberman Award

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Every year, the Nancy Lieberman Award is given to the nation’s top point guard. And today they released the names of 15 players that have made their “Making the Buzz” list.

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The Nancy Lieberman Award website states that, “This list is simply a collection of names that have been brought to our attention from the public. This list is strictly developed to encourage dialogue amongst website visitors and the basketball community. It does not represent any type of endorsement of any player listed or negative connotation of any player not listed. Sportswriters from around the country will be the ones to select nominees, finalists and an ultimate winner.”

The winner will be announced at a banquet during the Final Four at The Detroit Athletic Club on April 13, 2013.

2013 Nancy Lieberman Award - Making the Buzz

Rachel Banham, 5’9”, Sophomore, Minnesota
Alex Bentley, 5,7”, Senior, Penn State
Calli Berna, 5’10”, Sophomore, Arkansas
Tiffany Bias, 5’6”, Junior, Oklahoma State
Skylar Diggins, 5’9”, Senior, Notre Dame
Ariana Elegado, 5’6”, Redshirt Freshman, Cal Poly
Jamierra Faulkner, 5’6”, Junior, Southern Mississippi
Chelsea Gray, 5’11”, Junior, Duke
Ny Hammonds, 5’5”, Junior, UNC-Charlotte
Brittany Kennedy, 5’7”, Redshirt Senior, FGCU
Taleya Mayberry, 5’6”, Senior, Tulsa
Lindsey Moore, 5’9”, Senior, Nebraska
Mo Moran, 5’7”, Senior, Boston
Ka-Deidre Simmons, 5’8”, Redshirt Sophomore, Seton Hall
Odyssey Sims, 5’8”, Junior, Baylor