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Dream co-owner's company purchases New York Stock Exchange

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Jeff Sprecher, the CEO of IntercontinentalExchange, makes an $8.2 billion deal to purchase the New York Stock exchange. His wife - Kelly Loeffler - is not only Dream co-owner but vice-president of investor relations and corporate communications at ICE.

Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler is the vice-president of investor relations and corporate communication at IntercontinentalExchange, also known as "ICE" if you read the New York Stock Exchange. Her husband, Jeff Sprecher, is the CEO of ICE.

Today, ICE just purchased the New York Stock Exchange. According to the Guardian, the new company will have combined offices in Atlanta and New York. Last year, ICE attempted to make a bid for the Stock Exchange with Nasdaq, but it fell apart due to regulatory concerns.

The total cost of the takeover was $8.2 billion. Not only does ICE now control the NYSE, but it also picks up NYSE Liffe, a European derivatives firm. ICE currently runs the worlds largest energy futures market, and now, the power of ICE is expanding.

What this means for the Dream remains to be seen, but you can't say that capital will be a problem as long as Loeffler co-owns the team.