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Links: Washington Mystics' Hiring Of Mike Thibault Gets Positive Reviews From Around The Web

So, there's a lot more buzz going around the WNBA at this time of year because the Washington Mystics hired Mike Thibault as their new General Manager and Head Coach. And the reviews are all positive.

  • Did you miss yesterday's press conference to introduce Coach Thibault? Watch it here. (
  • Here's another interview between Monumental Sports digital correspondent Casey Phillips and Coach Thibault which was done before the aforementioned press conference. (
  • Our piece on Thibault's hiring is here.
  • ESPN's Mechelle Voepel also thinks it's a great move, but also notes that the Mystics are "a team that needs restructuring and a fan base that needs resuscitating." I think we agree on that. (
  • This came out on Monday before we all knew for sure, but the DC BasketCases also believe that Thibault's hiring is in the right direction. (DC BasketCases)
  • Lee Michaelson of Full Court gives some more detailed analysis on the hire. (
  • The local media has their takes (Washington Post | Washington Times |
  • Ted Leonsis has been heavily involved in this search process and has been talking to Thibault over the last three weeks, and if you watched the press conference, he spoke more than team president Sheila Johnson though I wouldn't make too much of it. He was very happy about the hire, and didn't write one, but rather two blog posts about the hire, one regarding the hire itself, and another with web links to articles which for the most part are also in this post. And yes, he did link our post on Thibault's hiring too. (Ted's Take post on Mystics hire | Ted's Take post on media and blog coverage of the hire)
So there are the links to cover the news from yesterday. Coach Thibault will host a Mystics season ticket holder meet and greet later tonight at 6:00 PM at the Verizon Center and I think I may attend. But for now, I am very happy that the Mystics made another good decision in their 2012-2013 offseason by hiring a head coach of his caliber.

For more on Thibault's hiring and the Mystics' offseason, visit our Washington Mystics storystream.