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New GM and Coach to be announced on Tuesday for Washington Mystics

The mystery is over - at 4pm ET on December 18, 2012 the Washington Mystics shall announce their new coach and GM.

The Washington Mystics website has just posted the following as its splash page:

Special Announcement - General Manager & Head Coach

Streaming Live - Tomorrow @ 4 PM

The long wait for Mystics fans is over. Whether they'll be happy with the wait is anyone's guess, but Washington fans can be happy for a number of reasons, at least until actual games are actually being played. There's nothing else to write, except "let the speculation begin!"

UPDATE (17 December 2012, 2:14 pm ET): It appears that the the splash page has just been wiped clean. So who knows what's going on in the Mystics front office. Anyone?

UPDATE (17 December 2012, 5:00 pm ET): The splash is back up once again and we have proof with this snapshot: