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Have the Kentucky Wildcats found a gem in freshman Janee Thompson?

While the Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team struggled in their exhibition game last night, Greg Alan Edwards of SB Nation's A Sea of Blue wrote that the women's basketball team, "...destroyed their exhibition opponent Bellarmine tonight before the men got started."

While there were a few standout performances for the Wildcats in that game, one player to keep an eye on is freshman McDonald's High School All-American Janee Thompson who had 9 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and no turnovers off the bench for Kentucky last night. Edwards has previously highlighted Thompson as part of his player preview series:

...any time you can add a McDonald's AA to the team, you dang sure better do it. Thompson is the next phase in UK recruiting. She personifies what Matthew Mitchell wants for UK at the point. She's blindingly fast, smart with the ball, and can pass as well as blow by you for a drive. Her skills will be second to none in the NCAA, and she is definitely WNBA material...You folks are going to love Thompson, because she is a Brandon Knight/Rajon Rondo type guard. Smart, fast, and afraid of nothing.

While a Knight/Rondo combination sounds like it can't be anything more than a wild Wildcats fan fantasy, if Thompson shows any part of that in her freshman year - minus Knight's college turnovers - she'll be in the starting lineup in no time.

For more on the Kentucky Wildcats, visit Edwards' work at A Sea of Blue.