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Pepperdine coach Julie Rousseau on Jen Lacy: 'I talked to Jen and she's doing well.'

After the Pepperdine's 70-51 loss to the Washington Huskies last night, Jayda Evans of the Seattle Times got an update on Jen Lacy from Waves coach Julie Rousseau.

Pepperdine coach Julie Rousseau, a former Los Angeles Sparks coach, has been in contact with Tulsa Shock F Jennifer Lacy..."We are in full support of Jen," Rousseau said after her team lost to UW on Tuesday. "I talked to Jen and she's doing well. That's all I'm concerned about is that she is healthy and safe. The Pepperdine family is supporting her and loving her through this tough time."

On the other end of this story, Flip Bondy of the New York Daily News put together a piece a couple of weeks ago putting some context around Holdsclaw's violent actions writing that, "...this does not come out of nowhere and the fact is that the former Christ the King superstar has had a volatile life and career. If she had been a man with equivalent basketball talent, Holdsclaw would long ago have become our city's greatest tragic sports figure."

While Lacy is the clear victim in this incident, it's clear that Holdsclaw needs support as well right now rather than the derision and mockery that she received around the internet in the immediate aftermath of the incident.