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Purdue women's basketball prediction: A bold prediction, lofty comparison, and high expectations for the Boilermakers

SB Nation's Purdue site Hammer and Rails has checked in with an in-depth player-by-player preview of the Boilermakers women's basketball team, highlighting the importance of 6-foot-2 sixth year post Drey Mingo to their goal of contending for a Big Ten title.

To my mind, Drey is the key to this season. Her story is by now familiar to most of us, and her recovery is one of the great stories of this season. When healthy, she has the skills to AVERAGE a double-double. She is primarily a center, but she has the polish in passing and shooting to play well away from the basket as well. A 50% shooter from 3, she has all the tools you could ask for. She reminds me of no one more than Pau Gasol, and 2 rings say that's a pretty nice piece for your team. In fact, I'm about to go go into predictions mode a little early. You heard it here first: Drey Mingo will win Big Ten Player of the Year this year.

Lofty comparison, bold predictions, and solid 3-0 start.

How can you not love the preseason?