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Baylor Lady Bears vs. Kentucky Wildcats: A'dia Mathies 'was never a factor' in 85-51 loss in Waco

Even if a team were to come into Waco, Texas knowing exactly how to stop the Baylor Lady Bears, the challenge is actually executing that game plan.

And the bottom line is that the Kentucky Wildcats simply did not execute and ultimately got routed 85-51 in a game that actually managed to look worse than the final score suggests because Brittney Griner was able to take a rest well before the game was over.

Greg Alan Edwards of SB Nation's A Sea of Blue had harsh words for both the Wildcats team and their star A'dia Mathies in his post-mortem.

Unfortunately for UK, A'dia disappeared early in the game and was never a factor before fouling out with 5:20 left in the second half. None of her 12 points ever came at an opportune time, and defensively she looked more like the freshman A'dia Mathies than the Senior leader of the UK Hoops squad...A'dia simply does not have the luxury of taking a night off. And tonight, she really never showed up. Her assist came in the second half when the game was already over and her night was almost done.You have to credit Baylor's Sims. She played Mathies like a harp.


Although Baylor might really just be that good, it was not at all a good showing for Kentucky or their star player who some consider to be a top WNBA draft prospect.