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Kaela Davis to announce college decision today

After yesterday's rumor that Georgia Tech had moved to the top of the list for Kaela Davis, the nation's #2 recruit, she will announce her decision today at 2:45 p.m. EDT.

When thinking about how likely a choice Georgia Tech is, the criteria described in James Bowman's piece today detailing how basketball recruits make decisions is interesting:

Factors having great predictive significance were:

  • Whether the athlete made an "official visit" to a specific college
  • Whether the school is in a BCS conference
  • The distance from the high school athlete’s hometown to a specific school
  • Whether the recruit is in the same state as a specific school
  • The final AP Ranking of a specific school in the previous year of competition

As James explains, those factors were not specific to women's basketball, but Georgia Tech certainly fits the criteria for Davis as a school that finished last season 10th in the AP poll and will begin the season in the Top 25 once again.

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