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NCAA Women's Basketball Video Stream: Matthew Mitchell of Kentucky

Head coach Matthew Mitchell of Kentucky compares two coaches he knows very well in this interview: Kentucky men's basketball coach John Calipari and Pat Summitt, head coach emeritus at Tennessee.

Matthew Mitchell of Kentucky compared two people that he knows very well: men's basketball coach John Calipari and Coach Emeritus Pat Summitt at the University of Tennessee.

Huge similarities, because they both recruited the best players and get the best players and that's why they win a lot of games. And that's what Coach Summitt told me many years ago when I still was a high school coach and I asked sort of a dumb catch-all question, 'What's the secret to success?'

And it's a real complicated thing to break it all down, but she basically said this: 'Listen, if I take your high school team now and you take my college team now, it doesn't matter that I'm a better coach than you: you'll beat me every time with better players."

And it was an important thing, that you need to understand that it's all about people, it's all about the players, it's all about getting the right players involved and she did that at an extremely high level, obviously, for many years. And I think that John does the same thing, he gets really, really good players. And then after that now, they both do such a great job of figuring out how to get that team to play so they can be successful. So there are similarities between the two."