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Pat Summitt releases statement in response to affidavit

A couple days after statements in her affidavit raised eyebrows, Pat Summitt releases a response to clarify that she was not "forced out" of her head coaching position by the University of Tennessee.

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

In response to the outrage that has come forth since Pat Summitt's affidavit that was released, the former Tennessee Lady Vols head coach and current head coach emeritus has now released a statement (click here for full .pdf):

"I did not then, and I do not now, feel that I was "forced out" by the University. Anyone who knows me knows that any such effort would have met with resistance. If my affidavit has caused confusion on that point, it needs to be dispelled. It was entirely my decision to step down from my position as Head Coach of women's basketball at the University of Tennessee."

Summitt is response is a clarification of Part 5 of the affidavit, which states, "During this one-on-one meeting, Dave Hart indicated to me that I would not be coaching the Lady Vol Basketball Team in the next school year (2012-13)."

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