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Seimone Augustus on the point guard play of Sue Bird and Lindsay Whalen in the Western Conference Semifinals

Minnesota Lynx guard Seimone Augustus had some nice words to say about the point guard play in her team's Western Conference semifinals series against the Seattle Storm, as posted at

I think every little girl that aspires to be a point guard got a chance to see the two best point guards go head-to-head tonight. You got to see the guts of both of them. Sue went through some things with her health and Whalen gutted it out tonight to help us get the victory. For every little girl out there trying to be a point guard, you just witnessed a great series between two great point guards that are determined to do whatever it takes for their team to win.

Tuesday night's game was a showcase of the best point guard play a basketball fan could hope for, reinforcing how a point guard's performance can have such a huge impact on their team.

Statistically, Storm point guard Sue Bird won the day with 11 assists and 2 turnovers (an extremely efficient 13.33 pure point rating) and a huge three down the stretch to keep her team in the game. But in spite of a pedestrian stat line - and a -4 plus/minus rating - Whalen had one of the gutsiest playoff performances in recent memory, running her team with a left wrist that she clearly struggled to even put pressure on.

The point guard play in that series was just one of the many dynamics that made it seem like three games weren't enough to do the quality of play justice.