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Jannah Tucker recommitts to Tennessee; Lady Vols now hoping for a "Mercedes"

After reportedly de-committing from the Tennessee Lady Vols on October 23rd, Jannah Tucker has committed to the program again.

Per multiple sources, Jannah Tucker will indeed recommit to Tennessee. After seemingly de-committing from the Lady Vols on October 23rd, Tucker's father Robert stated that he was “bombarded with blatantly false and misleading information from the outside,” in a conversation with Inside Tennessee's Maria M. Cornelius.

This was very important for Tennessee to keep Tucker in the fold -- Tucker is widely regarded as one of the top wings in the country (#8).

With Tucker back recommitted, the Lady Vols will now wait to see the decision of Mercedes Russell; she will announce her choice on Tuesday at 2:30 PST between Louisville and Tennessee. Russell is widely regarded as the number 1 prospect in the country and has been compared to Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks.

"Mercedes Russell is the high school version of Candace Parker," Team Concept coach Michael Abraham said. "Great ball handler, great skill player, (she) was a guard before she became a post.

"(Russell) has great length, a tremendous amount of poise and skill set."