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Wiggins officially fired at Mississippi

After being place on administrative leave, the University of Mississippi has officially fired first-year coach Adrian Wiggins.

After being placed on indefinite leave by Ole Miss, the other shoe fell yesterday for Mississippi head coach Adrian Wiggins.

"The tough part of all this is that Adrian Wiggins is a good man" were the words of Mississippi athletic director Ross Bjork, who officially fired Wiggins yesterday according to David Bataller of KFSN-TV in Fresno.

The school will pay out the rest of Wiggins's salary for the year, which comes to $250K. Wiggins was terminated with cause due to recruiting and academic issues involving his subordinates Kenya and Michael Landers. Wiggins was allegedly not involved in these issues but was fired as the person in charge of the program.

Mississippi declared two members of the team ineligible. Associate coaches Brett Frank and Rebecca Kates-Taylor will run the team until an interim head coach is hired. After this season, the search will begin for a new full-time head coach.