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Indiana Fever gets jersey sponsorship with Finish Line

The Indiana Fever become the sixth team in the WNBA to have a jersey sponsorship.

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According to David Woods at the Indianapolis Star, the Indiana Fever has reached a sponsorship deal with Finish Line, the second largest athletic retailer in the United States which is headquartered in Indianapolis. The sponsorship deal is a jersey sponsorship, meaning that the Finish Line logo will appear in a prominent place on the Fever uniform.

The live press conference (linked) will began at 3 pm EDT.

This makes the Fever the sixth team in the WNBA to have a uniform sponsorship deal. The current list of sponsorships (including Indiana) are:

Indiana: Finish Line
Los Angeles: Farmers Insurance
Phoenix: Lifelock
New York: Foxwoods Casino
Seattle: Bing
Washington: Inova Health System