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Video: Cheryl Reeve's jacket-tossing outburst during Game Two of the WNBA Finals

During the Minnesota Lynx's 83-71 win over the Indiana Fever in Game Two of the WNBA Finals, coach Cheryl Reeve drew a technical late in the third quarter that changed the course of the game.

After yet another lethargic first quarter, the Minnesota Lynx shot 55.6% from the field in the second quarter but still found themselves down three points to the Indiana Fever at halftime of Game Two of the WNBA Finals and needing a win to avoid finding themselves on the brink of elimination.

So with the score tied at 48 with 3:10 left in the third quarter, Reeve gave her team a jolt in the form of what Lynx fans consider the patented strategic technical foul, as characterized perfectly by Joan Niesen of Fox Sports North (and available to watch at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune).

In every battle there is a turning point, a tactical decision that energizes one camp...Reeve lost her composure, maybe, and her jacket, but the Fever lost their tie game. From there, the Lynx took control, outscoring Indiana 35-23 to end the night, energized by Reeve's outburst. Because to them, it was hardly an outburst. It was just their coach, doing what she does, her passion for them and the game made manifest.

If you're unsure of the impact that Reeve's actions had on her team, check out reserve forward Amber Harris on the bench at about the 18 second mark and ending at around the 28 second mark - clapping, laughing, letting out a scream, it seems that Reeve's passion made manifest was contagious for at least one player.

If for some reason you think that Reeve's behavior was out of the ordinary, I'm not sure what to tell you. Not only is it something Reeve has done before...

...but it's also a motivational strategy embedded in the fabric of the game that surely Indiana basketball fans can appreciate.