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Twitter reactions to the Seattle Storm's thrilling double OT win over the Minnesota Lynx

The Seattle Storm's 86-79 double overtime win against the defending champion Minnesota Lynx tonight was nothing short of an Instant Classic.

Was it perfectly played? Not really. Were there mistakes made (by both teams and possibly the officials)? Sure. But fittingly, a game that featured the last two WNBA champions arguably produced the most exciting basketball game of the season and was a perfect showcase for what the league can offer on ESPN.

SB Nation Minnesota has already recapped the game and you'll get more from us later, but sometime during the fourth quarter or so I started cataloging worthwhile tweets. Then it went to overtime. Then it went into another overtime. So here are a few tweets that at least begin to capture a game that's really hard to put into words.

If you have a chance to watch that game somehow - or even DVR'd it and see this as one big spoiler - I would certainly recommend doing so. That was just an exciting game to watch for any fan of the sport.