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SB Nation United: Illustrated tutorial to the new features (featuring Corey Maggette)

Erik O of SB Nation's Clippers site Clips Nation put together a really cool illustrated guide to the new format of SBN sites after the launch of SB Nation United.

As changes and improvements are made to the new format, much of this may become obsolete, but at least, for now, those who need it will have somewhere to start. There are 7 pages to the guide, and each page is represented by a small picture of that page, which when clicked, should open in a new window so that it's legible.

It's definitely worth checking out if you're still trying to get used to things not only because of how thorough it is, but also because your tour guide is former Golden State Warriors wing Corey Maggette.

And you know he's an expert at walking people through things.

Pay attention to the bottom corners for slow motion documentation of each of his travels.

Anyway, that's worth checking out even if you generally feel comfortable with the site. If you have any Swish Appeal-specific questions, feel free to leave them in our comments.