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Halftime at the Rock: Liberty 50-Fever 41

NEWARK, NJ - A few non-stat, related thoughts from observations, notes and charting the initial half. The Liberty leads Indiana 50-41, proceed after the jump.

     Indiana got a few good looks for Katie Douglas (11 first quarter points). The Fever built the 23-20 first quarter edge not only on Douglas' marksmanship but some nice interior passing down low.

    The only thing saving New York ironically was the three. Nicole Powell was 3 of 3 from downtown with 11 points as well. Her touch kept Indiana at bay.

     The second quarter saw New York turn up the perimeter pressure. The result saw Indiana outside shooters facing contested shots. Another by product of the pressure was the disruption of the guards getting the ball down low. Finally, the D forced a few turnovers and allowed the Liberty to get out and run.

    New York showed nice ball movement in half court. They knocked three more treys down (two by Lelani Mitchell) and each saw a wide open shooter, a beneficiary of that previously mentioned sharing of the basketball.

    At the half, the Liberty had the momentum. and it was largely due to a defense that forced a dozen Fever turnovers.