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Liz Cambage and the Short Shorts Saga

Liz Cambage - without the shorts tucked - and Candace Parker jump for a ball. (photo by Troy Littledeer)
Liz Cambage - without the shorts tucked - and Candace Parker jump for a ball. (photo by Troy Littledeer)

Last week was a busy one for the Tulsa Shock's Lizzie Cambage.

A teen no more, the team surprised the newly minted 20-something with a day-early trip to the lake for her stateside birthday. But on the actual big 2-oh on Thursday, the league decided to give her a birthday 'present' of sorts. As has been widely reported, Cambage was warned by the league about her shorts. No, they're not too short (yet) or even too long. Rather, they're tucked into her compression shorts to prevent touching of the knees when she bends at the line, something she calls a 'phobia' of sorts.

"I really was surprised, but what can you do," Cambage said about the reprimand. "They're just trying to clean up the look a bit I guess. They don't want my shorts tucked at all. I'm going to be so frustrated not being able to pull them up and I'm going to look like - I don't know. Everyone blew up on twitter, I couldn't believe it."

When the Shock played the Sparks on Sunday, I made a point to take a couple peeks at the shorts to see how she'd do with obeying her employers' dress code. I noticed a tuck for a few minutes, but nothing ostentatious or egregious. The drawers appeared shorter, but I can't be sure that anything has changed with the duds other than hyper-awareness of her attire.

While I can't confirm any alterations have been done as of yet, I do know one thing - the tailor better get our the shears for the future.

"Next season I've already said I want them tailored. Like old school short. Like tiny. I want them as short as they can go," Cambage said of her future preference of length. How short is tiny? A look through her facebook pictures shows that shorts are called 'short' for a reason in Lizzie's book (pay particular attention not only to her All-Star length, but also her Aussie length shorts). Perhaps next season she'll get another reprimand on the tininess of the fabric covering her legs.

Along with her uniform change, it might be time to start peeping the rookie's choice of footwear on the court as well. Some back and forth twitter banter between Cambage and Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant came around to the discussion of shoes this week. The friendly exchange has Cambage considering putting a pair of KD's in her rotation full of Kobe's.

"I don't know, I feel like maybe I hurt KD's feelings a bit by not rocking his shoes," Cambage said. "I have a few pairs of them, but I just don't wear them. So maybe I need to start."

The next chance to catch Lizzie's clothing on the court comes today as the Shock host the Minnesota Lynx at 7 p.m. CT.