PTI Discussing "Kristi Toliver's cheap shot"


In a rare WNBA moment on ESPN's PTI, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon graded Los Angeles Sparks guard Kristi Toliver's "cheap shot" on Ketia Swanier (at about 16:30 at the above link). Kornheiser gave it a B, Wilbon a B+. You can see the play for yourself here. There might be two schools of thought about this mention: 1) the WNBA disproportionately gets negative attention if it gets any attention 2) any attention is better than no attention. Another position might be that edgier, more physical play might be a good thing because "being too good is bad for business", as Patricia Babcock McGraw of the Chicago Daily Herald wrote the other day on a related issue. What say you?