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Angel McCoughtry, the Sultan of Swag?

Angel McCoughtry's shadow dance before the 2011 WNBA All-Star Game (<a href="" target="new">Eastern Conference intro video</a>)
Angel McCoughtry's shadow dance before the 2011 WNBA All-Star Game (Eastern Conference intro video)

Every sport has dynamic personalities that you can count on during the game. It might be an end-zone dance by Chad Ochocinco for a fine in an NFL game. It might be the powder routine for LeBron James before a NBA contest in Miami. And for the WNBA, you just might talk about Angel McCoughtry.

McCoughtry has had quite a week, starting with the All-Star game in San Antonio where she provided one of the highlights of the game. Don't call it an assist and basket, though.

"Let me tell you this, everyone keeps calling it a pass to myself. That sounds really selfish! It's a backboard shot," McCoughtry said after a win in Tulsa on Tuesday. "You guys liked it, right? It was fun, people want to see that! Sometimes you've just got to give the crowd something."

McCoughtry could also be seen dancing it up, both in the team intros and later in a timeout dance-off with Liz Cambage.

"The people down there really seemed to be entertained and enjoy it, because that's what we are - we're entertainers," McCoughtry said. "I've just been having fun. I've been going back to my young days, that's what it's all about."

As you will see against almost every Dream opponent, McCoughtry has swagger. And is not afraid at all to use her entertainment value to the fullest.

Against the Shock the swagger could be seen with a little slide-step towards the Tulsa bench complete with a scowl out to the crowd after nearly every basket. In her career-best 37-point game, Angel even admitted she was toying with them a little bit. She chalks it up to not only being an entertainer, but just a competitive spirit in the heat of the game.

"I just think it's one of them things where you're just in the moment," McCoughtry said after the game. "I don't do it on purpose to try to taunt anybody or anything. It's just one of them things when you're just in the zone."

The McCoughtry swagger will be back in full effect as Atlanta tries to extend its four game winning streak tonight against Los Angeles. I expect the flashy plays and feisty behavior is something that will continue as long as #35 is lacing up her kicks.