SLAM ONLINE's Ben York sums up his thoughts on the 2011 WNBA All Star Game


Thought you'd all like to read this. Two questions I pose here: 1. Do you see the WNBA as a "hotter ticket" in town because of the NBA lockout, as well as the fact that the All Star game included a tribute to the Top players from the last 15 seasons? I've been on the record saying that I'm skeptical, so I disagree with him here. 2. York listed that the WNBA needs to "find a way to appeal to new fans (in the right way)." What are your suggestions to expand the WNBA fanbase? In particular, how can the WNBA attract more boys and men to watch the league? Perhaps should some of the league's stars be marketed in ways aside from just the basketball? Should teams be more active on this end as well?