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2011 WNBA All-Star Reserves: Who Were The Biggest Snubs?

The WNBA announced its 2011 All-Star starters last week and today they have announced their reserves, listed as follows:

Eastern Conference MEV PER +/- Western Conference MEV PER +/-
Essence Carson
12.31 23.24 -3.9 Penny Taylor 21.66* 25.98 +16.9
Crystal Langhorne
15.21 19.93 +3.1 Danielle Adams 12.92 25.86 +19.0
Sylvia Fowles
19.41** 25.61** +0.4 Rebekkah Brunson
16.37 21.86 +15.2
Renee Montgomery 14.39 19.62 +4.3 Becky Hammon 16.35 19.36 +23.7*
Epiphanny Prince
15.25 19.01 -2.0 Lindsay Whalen 17.73 22.06 +10.2
Courtney Vandersloot
9.40 11.63 3.7 Seimone Augustus 12.29 18.44 -1.2

* = Best in league
** = Best in conference

So who were the biggest snubs?

Eastern Conference Selections

Sylvia Fowles was a lock at center, Langhorne has been a top 10 player in the East this season, Carson's improved shooting to go along with her defense makes her a strong candidate. At guard, Montgomery and Prince make sense.

But Courtney Vandersloot could be the subject of some debate in the Eastern Conference selections, but the argument for adding her is simple: there isn't much question that she's among the top two point guards in the conference and if you believe that point guards deserve unique consideration for one of the guard spots, then she was a lock.

If Vandersloot is considered as the player occupying that sixth "wild card" spot that coaches were allowed, there were certainly players ahead of her that could've been in that spot (of those not selected):

EC Players
Kia Vaughn 13.05 17.77 -2.1
Jessica Davenport
11.61 23.25 +14.9
Erika de Souza
11.52 16.42 -6.7
Kara Lawson 11.46 16.28 +1.0
Plenette Pierson 11.46 19.01 +2.2
Nicky Anosike 11.09 15.48 +13.0
Matee Ajavon 10.96 16.61 +9.8
Asjha Jones 10.58 16.00 +6.0
Michelle Snow
10.50 13.66 +6.9
Angel McCoughtry
9.77 17.93 -7.1
Courtney Vandersloot
9.40 11.63

This list is not to say that Vandersloot should not have made the team - more than anything it's more proof that what a point guard does for a team is not easily quantified. And perhaps that McCoughtry's selection as a starter at forward is a bit more questionable.

Western Conference Selections:

The most obvious snub in this whole list is Candice Dupree.

Adams and Augustus are certainly having strong seasons, but Dupree is quietly having a MVP-caliber season.

The other player who had a pretty strong case to make it is Sophia Young.

The president's replacement pick for the injured Candace Parker almost certainly has to be Dupree though, who is playing far too well not to be in the game. The following is the list of non All-Star starters that were available in the Western Conference.

WC Players
Penny Taylor 21.66 25.98 +16.9
Lindsay Whalen
17.73 22.06 +10.2
Candice Dupree
17.35 21.67 +17.1
Rebekkah Brunson
16.37 21.86 +15.2
Becky Hammon 16.35 19.36 +23.7
Sophia Young 15.90 20.46 +14.7
Kristi Toliver
13.10 20.79 +4.2
Danielle Adams 12.92 25.86 +19.0
Maya Moore
12.64 18.19 +17.2
Seimone Augustus
12.29 18.44 -1.2
Kayla Pedersen
11.86 14.43 +11.8

Statistics are not everything in deciding these matters. But there are probably at least two players who have a legitimate gripe about being left out of this game on this end.

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