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NY Liberty 91, Atlanta Dream 69: The Stat Analysis

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NEWARK, NJ - A tempo free statistical look back on a convincing 91-69 New York Liberty win at the Rock on Wednesday.

     The Four Factors :

                                       eFG                          FT Rate                        OREB PCT                    TO Rate

Atlanta                           41%                           19%                                        33%                            23%

NY                                  52%                            26%                                       25%                            13%


The Liberty rebounding, or needed improvement, is a concern in coach John Whisenant's view. When you are forcing opponents into turnovers on over one fifth of their possessions, your defense is doing something right. Liberty also shot down Atlanta (0-for-7) from three point range.

Interestingly the Liberty shot better from downtown than two point range. The numbers:

Three point shooting                  9-15     60%

Two point shooting                     23-55   42%

Only Cappie Pondexter (0-for-5 from three) struggled beyond the arc for the Liberty.


The efficiency:

                                                 Possessions                          Offensive Efficiency

Atlanta                                              80                                            86

NY                                                     80                                            114

The quarterly box score breakdown gave us a look at how the home standing Liberty simply made their presence felt early and did not let up. The score by periods:

                              1                           2                           3                      4             Total

Atlanta                13                         24                        16                     16                 69

NY                       25                         29                         23                     14                91


The offensive efficiency by periods. To clarify this is not a running total but the efficiency posted in each respective quarter:

                             1                          2                           3                        4   

Atlanta               62                     133                         80                        76

NY                     119                    161                        121                       64


Atlanta came alive in the second quarter on the offensive end but could not get a stop defensively. In the fourth quarter, the Liberty gave a number of young players minutes. Offensively it was a struggle as they went the first eight minutes of the final quarter without a field goal and converted but three shots from the field the entire quarter. Still, they were never in trouble and did not play that bad on the defensive end those last ten minutes.

The leading scorers and Win Scores:

                                                        Points                                   WS

Nicole Powell, NY                            20                                      16

Angel McCoughtry                            17                                      -6


Powell scored three more points but enjoyed 7 of 8 shooting from the floor while pulling down 7 rebounds. McCoughtry shot a less than spectacular 5 of 16 while committing five fouls and being responsible for five turnovers. Those three areas largely contributed to a negative Win Score and just epitomized the afternoon McCoughtry and her teammates were having in Brick City.

Officiating Notes: Had another great press row seat by the Atlanta bench. Officiating wise, would not care to work for the Dream staff. Head coach Marynell Meadors disagrees with calls rather frequently. She also lets her assistants chime in and get vocal at their own volition, which is a main reason assistant Fred Williams picked up a technical foul.