Weird Records: Most Field Goal Attempts Without A Field Goal Made

Marion Jones of the Tulsa Shock is off to a horrible start to the 2011 season - she's shooting 0-for-12 for the season.  If the season stopped today, would Jones's performance be the worst shooting performance in WNBA history?

Most FGA Without a FGM, Season

1. Danielle McCulley, 2002 Seattle:  0-for-12
2. Gordana Grubin, 2005 Sparks:  0-for-8
3. Quacy Barnes, 2002 Mercury:  0-for-7
4. Cisti Greenwalt, 2006 Storm:  0-for-7
5. Tiffani Johnson, 1998 Monarchs:  0-for-6
6.  Jaqueline Batteast, 2005 Lynx:  0-for-6
7.  Cara Consuegra, 2001 Starzz:  0-for-5
8.  Davalyn Cunningham, 2002 Miracle:  0-for-5
9.  Jia Perkins, 2004 Sting:  0-for-5
10.  (eight others):  0-for-4

Perkins was signed late in the 2004 season coming off a pregnancy.  She only played 17 minutes in the 2004 season, her rookie year.