Ranking the WNBA Sophomores - Week 1

Rookies are often ranked to see their potential progress through a WNBA season to see how well they are playing. They are also ranked to see who has a legitimate chance of becoming the ROY. I thought it would be a good idea to see how last year's rookies are playing in their second season. With teams playing between at least four to six games the past two weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to see how all the sophomores are playing so far and rank them in their progress. Here is the first installment of these rankings.

1. Tina Charles - Center, Connecticut Sun.

Tina Charles is #1 for a reason. She is averaging 20 points per game and 8 rebounds per game. She has 2 double doubles in the past five games and her team is currently atop the Eastern Conference with a 4 - 1 record. Against the Chicago Sky she had a career high 31 points which by the way is her jersey number. She is currently shooting at 57% which is up from her last season of around 48%. It will be hard for other sophomores to top Tina who is looking to continue from her stellar rookie season.

2. Epiphanny Prince - Guard, Chicago Sky.

Epiphanny Prince has played extremely well this season which lands her the #2 spot. She is averaging 17 points and around 5 assists a game. She has matched her career high of 20 points twice this season and she had a career high 8 assists versus New York. Her team is improving from last season and currently have a record of 3 - 2. Her free throw percentage is 86% which is an increase from last season's 78%.  With increased playing time, Eiphanny can emerge as one of Chicago's stars as they continue with their season.

3. Kelsey Griffin - Forward, Connecticut Sun

Kelsey Griffin is #3 because she is averaging a career high 5 points per game. She had a career high 8 rebounds against Chicago. She is also 3rd because she has contributed to every single game for Connecticut through scoring or rebounding.

4. Kalana Greene - Guard, Connecticut Sun

Kalana Greene is #4 because although she and Kelsey both contribute in limited minutes, Kalana has been held scoreless in a game. She is averaging around 5 points per game and a career high 4 rebounds per game. She had a career high 7 rebounds twice this season and will look to continue improving as the season goes on.

5. Monica Wright - Guard, Minnesota Lynx

Monica Wright is #5 for a reason. Minnesota's theme so far this season is to compete for the WNBA Championship so talented players like Candice Wiggins and Monica Wright are coming of the bench with limited minutes. Hence, Monica's numbers will drop. Although she and Andrea Riley have identical stats and both have been held scoreless, Monica has been able to contribute in other areas, unlike Andrea who only has one assist and one steal.

#6 - Andrea Riley

#7 - Jacinta Monroe

Dropped out: Jayne Appel