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Clark's Journal: San Antonio Concludes Road Trip With 75-73 Loss To Connecticut

After being released from the San Antonio Silver Stars last year, former Middle Tennessee State forward Alysha Clark (@Alysha_Clark) is back in training camp for a second shot at making the roster. She has offered to provide us first-hand insight about her experience with a training camp journal. Today she writes about the remainder of the team's road trip to Connecticut, including their rematch against the Sun, a 75-73 loss to conclude their preseason schedule.

Day 11:

Today we had to get up early for practice at 8:30. The coaches went over last night's game and made some corrections. We got a lot of shots up and ran the floor by reviewing our offenses 5-on-0. After practice we went up to the hotel fitness room and got a workout and some extra cardio in with our strength coach.

We have a 4 hour bus ride ahead of us, so we're going to Michael Jordan's restaurant and get something to eat on the ride down.

My roommate and I didn't have a pillow, so we called the front desk and how much it would be if we wanted to take a pillow from the room. It was only $25 so we bought it so we could sleep on the ride. We had an out stop at a gas station for snacks, and Becky [Hammon] bought everyone their snacks. So sweet of her! We have the best vets :-)

For dinner we went to TGI Friday's with Danielle McCray and Allison Hightower from the Sun. Dinner was good until it started pouring outside!! Ha-ha we walked over to the restaurant, so we hung out for a little bit hoping it would lighten up. Good thing our waitress was looking out for us and called the hotel van to pick us up :-)

Now that we're back safe and dry, its time to get some rest for game day tomorrow!


Day 12:

Video clip of @Alysha_Clark on defense:  on Twitpic
Click the image above
for a video of San Antonio's 75-73 Loss To Connecticut. Clark had 11 points.

Rise and shine!

Its 9 am and time to eat some breakfast downstairs. I'm pretty excited I don't have to buy my breakfast this morning ha-ha! Shoot around is at 11 so after I eat, I'll get a little nap in.

Shoot around was good! We had some shooting competitions, ran through our game plan and then shot free throws. After each shoot around some of the girls shoot a half court shot. Whoever hits the shot gets a certain amount of money from each girl that shot. Today it was $10 a girl. Danielle Adams hit the shot, so she made a quick $70! I never shoot because I don't like to lose money and I know my chances of hitting the shot.

After my pregame meal, its nap time!! We leave for the arena at 5. Tonight's game we definitely battled. Connecticut came out prepared for us and executed their game plan well. But it was a close game throughout. We were sloppy the first half, but turned things around in the 2nd. They ended up winning 75-73 in the end, but everyone who played left it out there on the floor. These two games were a great test for us.

Then it's time to go eat and get back to get some rest because we have a very early morning tomorrow!

Day 13:

So my roommate and I were pulling an all-nighter because when we got in, we had a few hours until it was time to leave. At 4:30 am we got a text saying our flight was delayed and wouldn't be leaving at 5:30 anymore, we would be leaving at 7! Now when we got that text, it was 30 minutes before we were going to get ready. So we decided we would take an hour nap. We were SO tired when we got up! My eyes were burning so badly! Ha-ha.

Today was a very long travel day! I slept on both flights. We have the rest of the day today and tomorrow off, so I can catch up on my sleep :-) Now its time to go get a pedicure and schedule a massage! Pampering yourself is always a nice treat :-)

I'll talk to you guys again on Monday! Thank you so much for reading my blog!! :-) Have a great and safe weekend!

Until next time,