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Swish Appeal's 2011 WNBA Coverage: Who's covering what and where

Rejoice: the WNBA season is almost upon us.

And after a bit of a lull since the WNBA Draft, we've picked up the pace again over the last few days so that we're fully prepared for what should be a very competitive season.

Part of the reason for that lull was making a few off-season changes of our own to the team while moving around some more familiar contributors.

So just to make you aware of how we're covering the league this year, a re-introduction to our WNBA team.

To learn more about our contributors, you can see their past work and read their bios by clicking the names. To see the content relevant to individual teams, click the team names.

The Familiar (from 2010 WNBA coverage)

Jessica Lantz - Tulsa Shock

Seth Pollack - Phoenix Mercury

Queenie - New York Liberty (Notes of Doom, of course)

Scotter - General

112575 Media (photography) - Los Angeles Sparks

Kailas Images (photography) - Seattle Storm



James Bowman - Atlanta Dream

After covering Georgia Tech for this past season he will shift to covering the Dream for us, which he has covered since the team's inception in 2008.

DishNSwish - Connecticut Sun/Dishin' N' Swishin excerpts

After covering UConn for us during this past college season, DishNSwish will bring you a combination of interviews with the Sun and continue providing excerpts from WSTR radio show Dishin' N' Swishin' as he did last WNBA season.

Holly Tanneyhill - Connecticut Sun

Also coming off covering UConn, Holly will be covering Connecticut Sun games this season.

M Robinson - General


New to Swish Appeal

Ray Floriani - New York Liberty

Ray isn't exactly new to the site - he's been contributing here and there from New Jersey, writing both about his 20+ years of experience officiating games in the area and covering the MAAC tournament. But that positions him well to also cover the Liberty and we now welcome him to the team as a more regular contributor.


Nate Parham - General

Due to a move back to my home state of California to a city that has yet to earn a WNBA team, I will be doing more general analysis/commentary about the league instead of covering the Seattle Storm's title defense. That said, SBN Seattle will continue to blog Seattle Storm content which we will link to from Swish Appeal.

- - -

Your voice

The great thing about SB Nation is that this site isn't ultimately only about us - anyone can contribute their game observations, insights, links to articles about women's basketball, photos, previews, thoughts, trade ideas, random videos, arguments about whether Reggie is better than Cheryl, or the merits of a Bay Area team quite easily by creating "Fan Posts" or "Fan Shots".

Of course, the site interface is not always intuitive to everyone - and I don't blame you for not knowing what a "Fan Shot" and all its glorious variations are (hint: they're the blue boxes floating around the site) - so Jessica created a brief primer last year that you can use.

So check it out and feel free to email if you have questions.

In terms of how you can contribute: we only have so many people so we'll have blind spots, most notably in Chicago, Indiana, Minnesota, San Anotonio, and Washington (life got in the way of basketball for LJRotter). So we definitely invite fans from those "uncovered" cities to chip in - the more perspectives, the merrier.

But more simply, the site exists primarily because we love basketball, for one reason or another. So we welcome the anyone who shares that passion for the sport in general and the ongoing growth of women's professional basketball in particular to join in and contribute their voices about anything they deem relevant to... or missing from?... the site.

Good luck to your favorite team this season,

The Management,

SwishAppeal [at] gmail [dot] com