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Meeting the "New Tricks" up the sleeve of the Tulsa Shock - acquisitions and rookies

On media day, the newbies to Tulsa took the hot seat to talk about their experiences. Answering questions about the differences between the college a pros and what they've learned about their new home. Giving the fans a glimpse of what they know about their teammates after over a week of intense two-a-day styled practices. But just because a player was participating in her first media day wearing Shock gold didn't mean she was a greenhorn to the league. Just ask her:


Sheryl Swoopes (6-0 Forward from Texas Tech), one of the most decorated players in the sport of women's basketball talks about her expectations going into the season and feeling that rings might not be in her future in Tulsa although wins are. (FANswers for @Arron008 and @jozie7321)


Or take some time to listen to her fellow double-digit veteran in the league, Betty Lennox:

Lennox, a 5-8 Guard from Louisiana Tech, and Swoopes have 22 years of combined experience, more than the rest of the roster put together. She's returning back to the state she grew up in, and talks about the changing landscape of the WNBA that allowed Tulsa to get a team. (FANswer for @jozie7321)

But some new faces are just what you'd expect - rookies. There are your rookies who got here with a little extra elbow grease, like Miranda Ayim.

Ayim, a 6-3 Forward from Pepperdine, is not as fresh-faced as some newbies might be, after spending a year overseas to gain valuable experience - something she counts as half-step in between college and the WNBA.

Others, got here by way of a tryout for the team, like Darxia Morris:

Morris, a 5-8 Point Guard from UCLA, still counts getting that phone call inviting her to return to camp as her happiest memory in Tulsa.

And one combined the routes of overseas and open tryouts like Juanita Ward:

Ward, a 5-11 Guard from Syracuse, was in Tulsa's open tryout in 2010, and one of the last cut off last season's roster. After a year overseas she's back and ready to finish the opportunity she started nearly 400 days ago.

But of course, there is the more traditional rookie pathway, through the WNBA draft. Selected with the 21st overall pick in the draft, Itallee Lucas:

Lucas, a 5-8 Guard from North Carolina, is ready to make history with her teammates.

Kayla Pedersen, the seventh pick of the WNBA draft, is ready to make her mark after a successful college career that included four trips to the Women's Final Four:

Pedersen, a 6-4 Forward from Stanford, brings a versatile game and a much-needed winning mentality.

And last, but certainly not least - or smallest, Liz Cambage. Cambage, a 6-8 Center from Australia, was the second overall pick in the draft:

Cambage has a lot of weight on her shoulders to transform the Shock from worst to first (or really just to not worst). With all these "New Tricks" up the sleeve of Tulsa coupled with the "Old Dogs" who are teaching the fresh faces, the Shock seem poised to - you gessed it - "Shock"!

Also on the roster, but unavailable for interview were Chastity Reed, 25th pick in the draft, and Oklahoma State alum Andrea Riley, acquired from the LA Sparks.