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Alysha Clark's 2011 WNBA Training Camp Journal: Tough Practice At The San Antonio Spurs Facility

After being released from the San Antonio Silver Stars last year, former Middle Tennessee State forward Alysha Clark (@Alysha_Clark) is back in training camp for a second shot at making the roster. She has offered to provide us first-hand insight about her experience with a training camp journal. Today she checks in after practicing at the San Antonio Spurs' practice facility.

Day 5:

Today was a very up-tempo day. Today and tomorrow we are practicing at the Spurs practice facility, so coach wanted to take advantage of having 2 courts. We also started our individual pre-practice workouts where we come in and get shots up and work on our offensive options with the coaches. Right from the start of practice we did 5-on-0 running through all our offenses at a high pace. All our drills we did, we converted into playing and stopped when one team got a stop, a score and a stop.

Now you can really start to see who's in shape.

We played a few mini games and got to play with more of a flow today. It was a good day - tough, but very good!

After practice some of us had to lift weights. The others worked out before practice. We do ACL preventative exercises, a lot of core and then just working on our strength in different areas. Of course everyone got in the ice tub so we can have fresh legs for tomorrow, as it will be much of the same. After practice I stopped by the store to get a salad and stuff to make spaghetti for dinner. Yes, we can cook too! Haha. It was delicious! I watched the majority of the game, but went to sleep and figured I'd find out who won in the morning!

Until next time,

Alysha Clark