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Alysha Clark's 2011 WNBA Training Camp Journal: San Antonio's Defense Ahead Of Offense After Two Days

After being released from the San Antonio Silver Stars last year, former Middle Tennessee State forward Alysha Clark is back in training camp for a second shot at making the roster. She has offered to provide us first-hand insight about her experience with a training camp journal. In her second entry, she discusses the first two days of San Antonio's training camp.

Day 1 (Sunday):

Today was full of energy and excitement as we all got ready to get back on the court again. We practiced off site and had fans that came and watched. These San Antonio fans are wonderful!! They recognized everyone that was on the court. It was a cool atmosphere to practice in for the first day. We got introduced to all the staff and got a feel for what they're going to be focusing on. We also got introduced to the office staff and got to hear about how hard they've been working for us since the last game last season. It's such a great organization with great people from top to bottom. We all introduced ourselves and had to tell what we were listening to in the car or on our iPod. It was pretty fun! My response was I have Corinne Bailey Rae on my iPod...if you don't have her, you NEED to get her!

The first day was a teaching day where the coaches introduced some things on offense and defense. Dan [Hughes] said that through training camp every third day is going to be a teaching day, so the 2 days in between will be execution days. I like that idea because it gives you a chance to get familiar with the things you were just taught before adding something new. All the vets were SO helpful!! They were talking to all us young players on where to go or what to do in certain situations. They just make it a really nice atmosphere to be in.

It was nice to get out there and remember some of the terminology and not to feel as lost as I did last year. I can definitely say I felt much better on day 1 this year than day 1 last year! I'm definitely eager to learn and eager to get out there and show what I've been working on this last year. I'm so excited and blessed to be back at training camp with the Stars! :-)

Day 2 (Monday):

Today was definitely harder than yesterday. But in a good way! We got to play 5-on-5 and get after each other a little bit, and get up and down the floor. Of course that means your legs start to go and so do your lungs, haha! We're starting to get an idea of the way each person plays and what they like to do.

Defense is definitely ahead of our offense right now, but its ok because this year there is more athleticism at the different positions and coach is really wanting to emphasize that. The offense will come once everyone plays with each other more.

After practice I hit the ice tub! It's funny because a lot of athletes shy away from it and only use it when they absolutely HAVE to, but I love it!! I've taken naps in there haha! I get in it almost every day! What was better than the ice tub was the meal that was prepared for us! We partner with the church at our practice facility and they are part of the family! So at the beginning of the season they have a meet and greet type of dinner for us, and let me tell is so delicious! I tore up some peach cobbler today! Definitely in 7th heaven. :-)

I'm excited about day 3 because I can't wait to get better! I look forward to every day that I can step on the court and play. I don't want to waste a second because if it was taken away tomorrow, I can say I gave it everything I had :-)

Until next time,

Alysha Clark