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WNBA Draft 2011 Prospect Capsule: Dawn Evans – "Inspires With Her Courage, Determination & Grace."

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<em>Dawn Evans Is a High Scoring Guard That Will Certainly Get Draft Day Looks (Photo via JMU Athletics)</em>
Dawn Evans Is a High Scoring Guard That Will Certainly Get Draft Day Looks (Photo via JMU Athletics)

From now until the WNBA draft on April 11, 2011, Swish Appeal will be providing you with information, quotes and audio clips on some of the top prospects.  We hope you enjoy them, and they help you prepare for the new crop of WNBA players entering the league this summer!

The V Foundation Comeback Award is awarded to an individual or a team who has accomplished a personal triumph in the face of true adversity, be it in health, life or moral dilemma.    Dawn Evans of James Madison University is the 11th annual recipient of the award, following her incredible season, playing with "focal segmental glomerulosclerosis " (FSGS), a disease that attacks the kidneys' filtering system.  Since her diagnosis, Evans missed only three of 60 games, led her team to CAA and NCAA tournament success, and was honorable mention All-American.



Dawn Evans isn't particular tall at 5'7, but has shown outstanding leadership skills, and has been the focal point of James Madison on both ends of the court.  She has been a "volume scorer" but Coach Kenny Brooks claims that is "his fault" and that her percentages would be much higher if he hadn't asked her to shoot as much as she did, especially when the shot clock was running out.   Even though she scored so many points, both Brooks and Evans herself claim she has a pass first mentality, and loves distributing the ball even more than shooting.


  • Averaged 23.5 ppg this season
  • All-time record holder in CAA for career points scored and three-pointers made
  • Scored school record 42 points in one game this season
  • Averaged almost 4.5 assists per game
  • Shot only 36% from the floor, and 31% from three-point line
  • Took 316 three-pointers this year (as a comparison, Tiffany Hayes & Bria Hartley of UConn combined shot 319)


Evans makes it crystal clear that she loves to distribute the ball, and while scoring all those points is nice, she would be just as happy distributing the ball.  She is a very gracious person as well, and is very appreciative for all the support on and off the court her coaches, notably Head Coach Kenny Brooks, and her teammates have given her.

Dishin & Swishin: Dawn Evans on Breaking Scoring Records While Being a Passing Point Guard

In addition to being a stellar basketball player, having been diagnosed with her kidney disease, Evans has not hid from it, but has instead become an Ambassador for The NephCure Foundation, along with NBA legend Alonzo Mourning and others.  Can you imagine getting your school work done, being a senior captain on the basketball squad, and speaking to individuals and groups about kidney disease?  Wow....

Dishin & Swishin: Dawn Evans on Being an Ambassador for NephCure & Kidney Disease

Dawn is a WNBA fan!  She watches the game, particularly the Chicago Sky, where her former teammate Tamera Young plays.  Dawn would love to play with a post like Sylvia Fowles , and knows who she compares her game to that is in the WNBA now.

Dishin & Swishin: Dawn Evans on Playing in the WNBA


Kenny Brooks considers himself so fortunate to have coached a player and person like Dawn Evans.   When it was announced Dawn won the V Foundation Comeback award, he very eloquently stated his feelings, "The V Foundation Comeback Award is a prestigious honor and I believe that Dawn exemplifies what it stands for.  Faced with adversity, Dawn showed courage as she took on responsibility to inspire others through her trials and tribulations. In her time of despair, when she needed her team the most, it was Dawn who inspired her teammates and coaches with her courage, determination and grace.  In my opinion, there is no one more deserving of this honor than Dawn Raven Evans."  I talked to Coach Brooks about Dawn Evans, the player.

Dishin & Swishin: Kenny Brooks on Dawn Evans


No articles or quips here this time.  More importantly for so many reasons, here is the link to "Sign on For Dawn" which honors NephCure Ambassador Dawn Evans, raising community awareness about Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS and funding research that will help Dawn and the thousands of others affected by these rare kidney diseases.

Show your support by making a donation and your name will be added to the "virtual basketball."

Sign on For Dawn


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