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Time to Dance: Princeton, Ivy

Who? The Tigers of Princeton.

What? The Princeton Tiger is such an enduring part of the school's athletic tradition that even the Princeton P is sometimes tiger-striped.

Where? Princeton, New Jersey, where lurks the fictional Dr. House (who may be a long-suffering Liberty fan).

When? March 8th, upon completion of the Ivy League season, walloping Penn 78-27.

Why? Because they won the Ivy League.

How? They clinched the league with one game to go with wins on March 4th and 5th.


Surprise? Well, no, not really; Princeton led the league pretty much wire to wire, even after the loss of super sophomore Niveen Rasheed to everyone's favorite three-letter knee injury.

Who's driving this thing, anyway? Courtney Banghart, since 2007. She's one of the hottest coaches in the game right now. (In the "made of win" sense of hot. Your mileage may vary otherwise.)

RPI: 69

SOS: 225

Record: 24-4 (13-1)

Best win: USC (N)

Worst loss: Harvard (A)

Notable results: Rutgers (A, L, 54-53); for those of you who have never been to the RAC, this is damn near a win. Vanderbilt (A, L, 74-68)

The preseason outlook was a lot brighter for the Tigers, as they returned remarkable sophomore Niveen Rasheed. They lost her twelve games into the season, and Courtney Banghart has had to lean on other options. Fortunately, she has good options. Senior guard Addie Micir, long a favorite of your intrepid blogger, and junior center Devona Allgood have picked up the slack, each scoring 12 points per game. Allgood is also pulling down 7.3 rebounds per game. Sophomore guard Lauren Polansky makes the engine go, and nabs almost two steals per game.